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Online sales management software.

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We will provide online sales solution for you!

Sales manager software can be applied:

Retail management software.
Managing stores, supermarkets.
Sales management, business management, warehouse management, cosmetic store…..
Managing auto stores, motorcycle stores…………
Sales management software support warranty repair, fashion stores.

The basic feature of sales management software:

Checking sales profits monthly.
Many people can use on the same time.
Selling online, check online.
Checking the date of entry exist.
Checking the quantity of goods sold.
Bill directly from your phone bill.
Product management in several separate repositories.
Enter the number of active user.

Storage management :

Warehouse Management with Barcode.
Warning inventory .
Checking online inventory.
Managing the export control.

The advantage of using the software:
Creating peace of mind to customers as payment method.
Minimize management time.
Report quickly all the time.
Ability to expand easily.
Control the whole issue of export - import - goods exist.